Frequently asked questions

Proven automated trading strategies made available to you!

Not at all!

It's as easy as deciding what account you are comfortable with and clicking on the link to open an account in the services area of our site, and follow the broker instructions in the widget to open your account. Finally, fund your account and you're done! If you cannot decide what account to open, contact us anytime and we will happily help you to the correct account for your needs and guide you through the entire process. We have done this for years and understand how overwhelming it can be in the beginning.

Instant portfolio diversification.

A money manager is able to save you years of time and effort needed to learn the foreign exchange money markets (Forex, FX) and give you instant portfolio diversification. With your account managed by a team of dedicated professionals, you can be assured that the highest consistent and sustainable returns possible per unit of risk are being achieved. All of the trading algorithms are custom made by FX Wealth Management and use proprietary strategies and technology.

Harder to manipulate. Less overall risk.

The Forex market is the deepest and most liquid of all markets, which means it is harder to manipulate by big traders or insiders. Additionally, the market is open 24 / 5 unlike most other markets, which are only open during certain times of the day, resulting in gaps in the market data. This gapping is negative because the outside influences, like a news release, can cause vast changes, which can work against active trades. The only gapping in Forex can occur on the weekends, which means less overall risk. Furthermore, since Forex is a vastly bigger and deeper market ($5 trillion USD is exchanged every day, as opposed to the US stock exchange which exchanges $5 billion USD each day), big traders can get better prices on larger orders.

Money managers don't incur most mutual or hedge fund disadvantages.

Hedge funds are more aggressive than mutual funds and both are heavily regulated (depending on local laws of course). Traditional mutual funds rely on the stock market to go up, however, hedge funds and money managers have the ability to short markets, and in turn, give hedge funds and money managers the ability to make money when the market goes down.

Most hedge funds require large minimum investments and can render your money unavailable for many years. Hedge funds generally have a standard fee structure called 2 / 20. It is a 2% maintenance fee and a 20% performance fee to be part a of the fund. That means they get 2% of your account balance every year no matter what happens and 20% of your profits. Hedge funds also tend to have poor transparency because the law differs between fund types depending on the country of operation.

Mutual funds are a collection of stocks and bonds from a large pool of investor money. They make money from interest and dividends from stocks and bonds or by selling the financial instruments at a higher price for a capital gain. As with hedge funds, the managers get paid no matter what the fund performance is. Mutual funds can also suffer from dilution if they are too diversified. Dilution can also occur if the fund is very successful due to new money being added to the fund, but the manager is unable to find new opportunities because of regulations and liquidity issues.

A money management solution doesn’t incur most mutual or hedge fund disadvantages like those discussed above. The broker and your funds are located in an off shore jurisdiction (St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean) and access to your funds is via limited power of attorney, so your funds can only be used for trading. With a flat 30% performance fee, this is one of the most cost effective money management solutions you will encounter, and is even below the average money management industry standard fees.

Also noteworthy is the very low minimum investment of $100 USD, making this solution available to virtually anyone!

Anytime. Anywhere.

Once you open your desired managed account(s) and are approved and funded, you will always be able to see all active trades in the account, the current balance and the current equity through the broker back office portal. You are generally able to remove your funds or profits every weekend. Our broker insists that there are no active trades in the account for clients to remove any funds, so efforts are made to not hold trades over a weekend (and to also avoid gapping risk).

Algorithms don't get tired, distracted, emotional, etc.

Algorithms have the advantages of discipline and consistency, two critical features of profitable trading. With FXWM, they are both back and forward tested in a demo environment to ensure the highest performance possible and can be manually bypassed if needed. An algorithm never gets tired or distracted and can generally get the best price possible due to its “per tick” calculations. FXWM algorithms are hosted on a server that is very close the broker server in London, England, enabling a less than 10 millisecond response time from our broker servers (The average retail trader has a connection that is over 10x slower).

No manipulation.

Tallinex has a very important feature called “straight through processing” (STP) trade execution. Though the spread is a little higher, it is well worth the cost because FXWM does not trust market making brokers to have our best interests at heart. When a market making broker takes the other side of a trade, they have incentive to manipulate the price feed for the gain of the broker (“B” booking) which is completely unacceptable to a true professional trader. Other great features of Tallinex is its offshore location, high leverage offered, and excellent customer service.

Smart trading, by smart traders.

Unfortunately, the strategies cannot be publicly released because it could remove the edge over the competition. What we can divulge is that trades are placed in the major currency pairs, and spot gold and silver. Smart position sizing, custom built indicators, and optimized stop losses and profit targets are also used. As for style, a combination of day trading and scalping (most trades are less than 24 hours duration) is used, depending on the desired risk on that managed account. Major news events are generally avoided, again depending on the account and the news event.

Enabling access to the software.

Our objective and company mission is to seek flexible returns, minimal risk and automated gains above the real rate of inflation as well as to outperform all the competition. In order to make this happen, we are enabling access to the software and strategies our co-founders have been personally utilizing, to the general public. The most effective method for doing this is to manage investor accounts, making trades on their behalf or providing signals to clients wishing to trade on their own. That way the software can deliver the results as it was designed to do because the designers themselves manage it!


All of the owners of FXWM have personal money invested with the very same managed accounts as the clients. Many money managers, traders and providers in this industry do not use their own services and that should be a big red flag to all investors. Why are they selling to the public what they are not willing to use themselves? You know the answer.

“FX Wealth Management Limited” is a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Colorado, USA, and has three founding partners.