about us

Your fully managed, automated advantage!

How our passion became your solution

The co-founders of FXWM came together as a result of each member seeking the ideal passive income. We all agreed that solution was automated Forex trading. Other firms rely on humans to analyze the markets, where the systems you will have access to have a high statistical advantage with minimal risk and substantial rewards. As passionate systems developers, we honed our strategies and software over the course of years to offer you:

Flexible, automated, and high rates of return with minimal risk.

The company mission

At FXWM, feel confident knowing our own developers are live clients, just like you. We embarked on a mission to create safe and effective programs to serve as the ideal passive income, which to us means income that is secure, low maintenance, and practical. As a firm you can trust in the foreign exchange industry, we are passionate about the industry and are continuously aiming to improve our services and programs to remain an innovative leader in the industry.